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Open Year round for Artistic Liberty Designs                         

Attention!  my gallery page is broken                          

Changes to my web host at the start of 2020 left me unable to update my gallery, to see my work past the end of 2019 please see my Youtube channel, all new work is posted there as it is completed.

 You can also find me on Twitter where I post not just finished works, but also work in progress photos, my pets, and TBH a lot of nonsense

Open year-round for artistic liberty designs. Open August for custom designs.                   


 Quotes for custom order (client designed) costumes will be open from August 1st to August 7th every year. During that time you can email me at please include what you would like in the email title (example: realistic red dragon) I will reply with my terms of sale and a complete up to date price list.

The lucky 10 people I will choose as new customers will be contacted by August 8th, those chosen must get in 30% by August 15th or risk loosing their spot.

I am open year-round for artistic liberty projects (you choose the species, gender, color and expression, I design the rest) and for anyone wishing to claim one of the "client needed" costumes in my gallery, contact me any time of year to claim a design from my gallery or to get an artistic liberty costume.





 Above image last updated December 2010

(I have made tons since 2010 but lack the time to update this image as it would be like triple the size)


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Why the Name Beastcub?                           

It has to do with a story I created.

I began working on a novel in the 7th grade called Beast Sagas, a story about another world similar to earth except the dominant species was not man but creatures called Beasts. 

 In my book one of my favorite characters is an orphan who never gave her name so the clan called her Beastcub and the name stayed with her throughout the rest of her life.

And so when it came time to chose a screen name for myself Beastcub was the first thing that came to mind.

  So that is why I am the Beastcub

(by the way just because people mess it up, I am a girl not a guy)



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